November 23-24, 2019 / Fuji city, Shizuoka

GAIA ULTIMATE CUP sponsored by GAIA ULTIMATE and Club Jr.Inc. is the biggest mixed tournament in Asia, 96 teams and over 1,800 players participate in this exciting tournament!
This tournament is opened to everyone who loves ultimate.

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■Event Info

Tournament organiser:Club Jr. Inc.
Date:November 23-24, 2019
Location:Fujigawa-ryokuchi park, Fuji city, Shizuoka
Partners:DiscVillage, Boon, Japan Flying Disc Association,
Fuji city, Fuji city Board of education, Fuji city Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Fujisan Tourism & Communication Bureau
Supporters: Shizuoka Flying Disc Association, Fuji Flying Disc Association,
MAINICHICOMNET Co.Ltd., TEAM S.T.I, Bunka Shutter Service.,Ltd., Koizumi Seikotsuin Regene Inc., Fuji city hotel trade association, Fujinomiya hotel trade association, Shimizu hotel trade association,
Numazu hotel trade association


Mixed:96 teams
You can check how many teams register↓

◆◇◆Special Offer◇◆◇
We give spots to teams who order GAIA ULTIMATE jerseys for this tournament!
Please note that the registration schedule is different from ordinary one if you want to recieve this special offer.
■Deadline of registration for special offer
5pm on September 17 You must submit design data/drawing at the same time.
You can't cancel your registraion once you do register for this special offer.
There is a button below which takes you to entry form. Then please choose "Special Offer" button at category, fullfill other areas and complete your registration.
◇You should submit the design data/drawing of your jersey at the same time by
*We can't give you a spot unless you send design data/drawing by deadline.

We will send Excel file which includes blank roster. We would like to ask you to fill out all of information and send it back to gaiacup@clubjr.com by 5pm on September 20.
■The price
Long sleeve shirts:5,000JPY / short sleeves shirts:4,500JPY / shorts:4,000JPY
*plus tax
*minimum order:12 for each item
need help? don't hesitate to ask us!yuni@clubjr.com We are here to help you!


Each team must have 4 players or more in each gender and 10 players or more in total.
*We can't accept your roster unless it meets this requierement.

■Players fee

5,000JPY per person. *This includes players' packs.
We kindly ask you to pay it by cash at tournament site.


We give awards to top 3 teams, MVP and spirited player.


You can check all game results here.→Club Jr. scoring system


・GAIA ULTIMATE CUP will follow current WFDF Rules of Ultimate but there are some exceptions.
Ratio rule B will be used at this tournament.
・50 minites per game, no half time or time cap.
・Each team may take two time-outs per game.
Time-out lasts 60 seconds and a clock stops during it.
You will get more details as tournament approaches.


You should complete registration by 5pm, October 15
※Teams can register only once.
※Please email us if you want to cancel your registration.

◇The bid allocation will be emailed to team representatives by 5pm, October 17
※Please note you must pay the fee for 7 players (35,000JPY) if you cancel after this.
※If you cancel after November 14, you must pay the fee for all players on the roster.

QR code for mobileEntry form
※Please note all teams must register via entry form.
☆Check here if you access from smartphone.⇒Entry form for mobile

This entry form is for residents in Japan so you might not be able to fill out "home address". We'd like to ask all oversea teams to type our address below to that area.
〒 124-0023
都道府県  東京都
市区町村  葛飾区
町名番地等 東新小岩5-4-4
建物名   なし

We also want you to put our phone number into "phone number" due to same reason.
電話番号  03-5654-7038
home address


We will send a blank roster by e-mail. We would like to ask you to fill out all of information and send it back to gaiacup@clubjr.com by 5pm on October 22.
※We cancel your registration if you don't submit your roster by deadline.

The roster would be locked at5pm on October 29, 2019
You can change your roster until then.


5pm on September 17: Special offer deadline
5pm on October 15 : Team registration deadline
5pm on October 17 : The bid allocation will be emailed.
5pm on October 22 : Roster deadline
5pm on October 29 : Roster locked


Club Jr. give a sport insurance for all participants which covers injuries and hurting other players occurred during games. You have to let us know and get insurance reports from doctors in the case you go to hospitals. You can’t get insurance without reports. *This insurance covers only injuries in the games. Please note that we don’t take responsibility or liability for any other injuries.
*For international players
This insurance is provided by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa. Since it’s Japanese company it takes much time and effort for international players to get money back. Also, you might have to pay extra fee for international money transfer. Therefore, we highly recommend you to have your own traveler’s insurance.


Please prepare the team jerseys.Numbers on the back must be 16cm or more in height and 3cm or more in width.
*If teams playing against each other wear the same color of the jerseys, we will lend bibs.


We ask all participants to book hotels for the tournament via our travel agency.
We'll send details after registration is closed.


Please let us know if you have any questions. E-mail to y-yamaguchi@clubjr.com.